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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this API Spec Q2 QMS package is about?

API Q2 Specification is for Quality Management System requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries;

2. How to purchase this documentation package?

Please order through email / submit payment receipt to:

We will send you documentation package via Cloud storage download links, or via email.

We are International service providers and this document package is available to purchase Globally. We are serving many International Customers/ Organisations/ Consultants.

Payments can be made through bank transfer to our company business account in India.  Please contact us to get our bank account number and details. 

3. What are all the documents, this package contains (list of documents)?

This pacakge contains

1 x Quality Manual,

23 x QMS Procedures,

38 x QMS forms,

1 x document control register and blank templates..

List of documents are mentioned here:

4. How can we use this documentation package?

This package is an basic fundamental quality management system documentation package that meets API Spec Q2 (1st Edition) minimum requirements. These are standard basic documents and Customer needs to add the specific information and customize the documents as per their Organization requirements and Business Line and to input technical/ management system information, 

5. what are all the steps involved in API Spec Q2 Certification, and at which step this QMS documentation will support ? 

Various steps involved in certification process are provided below, Our Documentation will be supporting you at step 2.

  1. Perform gap analysis.

  2. System documentation design (policy, quality manual, procedures , and forms)

  3. Training and Implementation.

  4. Pre-certification audit. 

  5. Application for API certification

  6. Audits

  7. Get certified by API.

We have provided all basic documents which meets  API Spec Q2 requirements, It is not recommended to use them directly into Certificate application/audit process.  The customer/ Organisation needs to customise and develop the documentation further as per organisation specific business line and to input technical/ management system information, 

6. Next step to do after purchase this package?

Document customization with Technical and Management system information input /Define organization specific Quality policy and Objectives / Revisions & Reviews / and then Training and QMS Implementation.

This is a very basic level and very important process in implementing API Spec Q2 Quality Management system into the Organization.

7. Do you provide any Assurance/ warranty / Guarantee to obtain API Spec Q2 Certification?

No. We do not  provide any kind of Assurance / warranty / Guarantee  to obtain API Spec Q2 Certification, as because you have purchased this documentation package from us.  This documentation step is a very fundamental initial step to build up a QMS and there are many process steps involved to obtain certification, as mentioned in Question/ Answer No. 5.

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Quality Management System (API Q2 and ISO 9001) Documentation Design Services for International Oil & Energy and Construction Industry

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